Making it all fit......

The non-orphancar guys have it good.

Swap a mouse motor into a Camaro that fell out of the factory with a 6? No problem. Big block motor into a Camaro? Again, not a problem. Swapping a Chevy motor into a ’32 Ford? No problem, just look for the latest catalog or website from Jegs, Summit, or Speedway Motors.

Engine swaps into cars like Fieros are a little more involved. More like trying to pack 10 pounds of crap into a 9 pound crap bag. It’s not an impossible task, but some tradeoffs will have to be made, like making decisions on which crap to leave out. Also, you will have to dig in and get your hands dirty. Sorry – crappy analogy (ha!), but it’s true.

This project was made easier thanks to the parts and engineering expertise of Austin Conversions. The engine cradle I bought from them uses the stock Chevy mounting points to hold the motor. Since the V8 is longer than the stock V6, something had to give, and that something was the frame rails. Both frame rails had to be modified to clear the engine and transaxle. The entire engine and transaxle had to be moved over to the left 2.5” to stop the throttle body from occupying the same space as the rear shock tower. This also keeps the water pump within the confines of the engine compartment. Since the entire driveline was moved compared to stock, I also sourced a set of axles from Austin Conversions.


......look ma, it all fits!!


Check out pics of the frame modifications needed to fit the engine and transaxle here.

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