The first thing I did after bringing the car home was declare war on the interior!


The thing I’ve always hated about the Fiero was the interior – cheap materials covering a design that screamed, “I love the 80’s!” and was most likely done by a couple of summer interns at GM. That would explain a lot, like the overall design, the corners of the dash that were placed in the path of oncoming knees, the interior materials that discolor, warp, and give off that distinctive “Fiero smell”. Great looking cars with yucky interiors – that about sums up the Fiero ownership experience. Well, that and the non-car-guys willing to tell owners “y'know, my wife/brother/uncle/son/neighbor/boss/evil dictator owned one-a dose Fierruhs.......thems little cars catch on fire!”

After gutting the inside of the unsuspecting little car, I attempted to create my own interior from the ground up. After putzing around with cardboard, posterboard, and masonite for a week, I quickly came to the conclusion that I was out of my depth and on a path to ruin! I did some research and found an interior “kit” from a company out in Arizona that, according to their video “only takes 40 hours to install!” Yeah, right – 40 hours to get all the fiberglass parts straight, 40 hours to figure out how the console and dash are supposed to mate together, 40 hours to install VDO gauges, 40 hours to figure out the glovebox and design hinges………… get the idea. Probably 350 hours later and I had an interior I was happy with. It doesn’t look like a factory stock interior, but then again, that wasn’t the intent – I did get an interior that is functional, like no other, and is black. All racecars should have a black interior – it hides the dirt better!

The worst mistake I made on the Fiero happens to reside in the interior – the stereo! Keep in mind, this isn’t some high end, 5 amp, 92 speaker, eleventeen subwoofer system that can rattle windows and make ears bleed from 5 miles away. I just put in a simple head unit, 4 speakers in the mostly stock locations, and a subwoofer. The problem with the stereo system? It sucks compared to the music coming out of the engine bay! The engine is just too loud (and too good!), and I would rather listen to it than the stereo anyway!



...........and now!!!


To see more pics of the interior build, go here. Keep in mind that this project was started around 1997.........pre-digital camera!


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